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Nicolet iN10 MX microscope

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Nicolet iN10 MX microscope

The Nicolet iN10 MX infrared microscope brings all the advantages of the iN10. Up to three integrated detectors are a new option, including the patented MCT-A imaging detector. Infrared imaging brings revolutionary spectra and map measurements.

Nicolet iN10 MX FT-IR microscope

  • Measurement speed: 150 spectra per second
  • Mapping: 1.2 x 1.2 mm = 20 seconds (45 minutes with standard detectors)!
  • NCT-A nitrogen detector cooling: 16 hours of uninterrupted measurements!

Nicolet iN10 MX infrared microscope with iZ10 module

The Omnic Picta control software, in conjunction with the Nicolet iN10 automatic infrared microscope stage (iN10 MX), pushes the boundaries of microscope operation beyond "mere" automation. Although the automation of your measurement will help speed up data collection, it will not help you to obtain the necessary answers without further logical steps. The innovative Omnic Picta was developed especially for fast analysis of acquired microscopic data - identification, map analysis, image analysis, etc.

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