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Remote sensing FT-IR


Remote sensing FT-IR

We supply FT-IR spectrometers for the Czech market for the „remote sensing“. Our partner in this area is the American company Designs & Prototypes d.b.a. D&P Instruments ™.

FT-IR spectrometers Turbo FT and 102F for remote sensing

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Turbo FT ™: compact, industrial spectrometer for remote measurement of infrared spectra (ground based, airborne).

FT-IR spectrometer Turbo FT

  • Scan speed: 25 - 100 spectra per second (MCT nitrogen detector cooled)
  • Patented interferometer technology - vibration reduction
  • Basic set: 4.8° field-of-view (FOV), selection of the measurement target by the user
  • Spectrometer weight less than 4 kg
  • Laptop included
  • Real-time data output
  • Software for spectrometer control, data analysis (including ratio spectra and other functions)
  • It allows monitoring of rapidly changing processes (targets), including measurements from aircraft!

The most common application: analysis of the composition of the so-called „airborne chemical plumes“, geological mapping, on-line process control, environmental control

Model 102F: compact, user-portable spectrometer

  • Light and robust design.
  • Two-detector construction: InSb-MCT detector cooled by liquid nitrogen
  • Spectral range: 2 – 16 micrometers!
  • The PC is built into the device (case design)
  • LCD display (perfect visibility even in direct sunlight)
  • USB, Ethernet and VGA ports
  • Patented interferometer technology - vibration reduction
  • High sensitivity

FT-IR spectrometer 102F

  • Basic set: 4.8° field-of-view (FOV), selection of the measurement target by the user
  • Powered by batteries and car battery
  • Weight less than 7 kg

Accessories: highly sensitive black bodies 3 - 95 °C, IR telescopes (FOV 4.8°, 2.4°, and 1.2°), accessories for the transport of liquid nitrogen, gold Labspherestandards, etc. (according to application).

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