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MAX EMS-10™: Continuous Emissions Monitoring System


MAX EMS-10™: Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

The MAX EMS-10 is a fully automated four-channel emission monitoring system designed specifically for hot and humid samples. The MAX EMS-10 system can quantify over 100 compounds with ppb detection limits using advanced FTIR spectral analysis and Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™ technology. This makes the EMS-10 an ideal alternative to traditional gas chromatography-based systems (which are typically slower, less sensitive and more expensive to maintain).

The MAX EMS-10 is designed to function as a continuous emissions monitor with little or no user interaction, complete with a dynamic alarm function, a user-definable data collection rate that can vary by time of day. It is also equipped with remote control from the control room or control stations and a standard data reporting system. Depending on specific needs, there are several rack (cabinet) options available for a given application and operating conditions (indoor or outdoor, etc.). The integrated design includes complete flow control of all gases, including sample stream, zero gas and calibration gas, via software from a large touch screen or front panel keyboard. This system is ideal whenever and wherever it is necessary to analyze gas streams, especially its composition, the detection of impurities and dangerous air pollutants.

The heart of the MAX EMS-10 system is the MAX-iR FT-IR gas analyzer. The standard MAX-iR analyzer is usually equipped with a DTGS type detector, which enables the acquisition of the entire mid-infrared spectrum and the quantification of almost any organic or inorganic compound, including chlorinated and fluorinated gases, with a detection limit down to tens of ppb. For even lower detection limits for target applications such as ethylene oxide monitoring, the MAX-iAQ system can be put directly into action with the patented Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™ technology. With the StarBoost function and the Peltier-cooled MCT detector, the lowest possible detection limits can be obtained - less than 1 ppb!

Of course, the MAX-OXT module can be integrated and automated into the MAX EMS-10 system, and measurements can also be integrated with other types of analyzers in the overall set-up using analog connections: analysis of oxygen, total sulfur, VOC (using e.g. FID), etc. Everything is controlled by the MAX-Acquisition and MAX-Analytics software package for spectrum measurement, data archiving, creation of calibration models, non-stop on-line data measurement, Modbus™ TCP/IP, etc. The device is in regulatory compliance with several regulatory methods, including US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) M320, ASTM D-6348, etc.

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