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MarqMetrix AIl-In-One


MarqMetrix AIl-In-One

The MarqMetrix® AIl-In-One (AIO) Portable Process Raman Spectrometer is a great affordable tool for quality assurance, product development and research. With the AIO, you can perform non-destructive and rapid analysis in real time without the need for sample preparation.

If you can see it, you can measure it.

Just touch and try. The MarqMetrix TouchRaman technology makes it easy to perform and straightforward to understand your measurements, and with an easy-to-use instrument and user-friendly software, you'll know your analysis results in less than 15 minutes after unpacking it from its durable transport case.

MarqMetrix All-In-One Raman Spectrometer

In addition, the use of the patented BallProbe® probe with the All-In-One system increases the accuracy and speed of the measurement even more.

For any industry that relies on accuracy and precision, the measurement offered by MarqMetrix is not a luxury – it's a necessity.

No need to buy an external computer, download software or calibrate the instrument. Open, unpack, make three connections, press one button and start measuring.

It can be used, for example, in the area of:

  • biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical production
  • food and beverage processing
  • production of polymers and plastics
  • hazardous chemical analysis

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