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Smart accessory


Smart accessory

Smart technology:

A new technology used in Nicolet spectrometers is built-in internal intelligence (Smart Technology). The following automatic features can be used in conjunction with Omnic software:

  • complete recognition of all optical parts (radiation sources, aperture, interferometer, beam splitters, detectors, etc.)
  • Recognition of Smart adapters (currently more than 20 transmitter and reflection adapters and fiber optics), their reproducible seating when manipulated with the “pinned-in-place system, guarantees optimal gain of transmitted radiation.
  • creation and use of complex experimental files, which include optical components, measurement parameters, parameters of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of spectra and Smart extensions, these files are automatically set by inserting the selected extension or by selecting in the program
  • diagnostics of all parts of the optical bench

Smart adapters for spectrometers

Smart adapters for Nicolet CZ spectrometers (more here):

  • Transmission
  • ATR of all types
  • Diffuse reflectance
  • Specular reflectance
  • Fiber optics (in the middle and near IR region)

Smart adapters for spectrometers

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