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The offered accessories are intended not only for FT-NIR spectrometer Antaris II, but also for combined measuring systems (eg spectrometers series iS50 with extension module to NIR area). A number of other specialized accessories are also available for NIR spectroscopy, which are not presented here. More information on NIR spectrometer accessories can also be found here.

Sol modular systems

Sol modular systems are suitable for OEM applications for process monitoring, NIR spectroscopy, quality control, online analyzers or material identification.


Fiber optics and probes

The type of fiber optics and especially the measuring probe is directly dependent on the application; the length of the fibers can be up to tens of


Integration sphere

It can be used for measurements with iS50, iS20 and iS10 Nicolet spectrometers. As with all SMART accessories, the control program identifies the adapter and adjusts the



We offer a wide range of autosamplers (for tablets, glass vials, etc.) for measuring the infrared spectra of liquids and solids in the near region of the


Tablet Analyser

Nicolet Antaris Tablet Analyzer is a specialized adapter for FT-NIR spectrometer Antaris II. With this adapter, you can quickly and easily measure the NIR spectra of tablets


Transmission accessories

Glass holders for liquid cuvettes can also be controllably heated (tempered). There are also accessories for preheating the cuvettes outside the spectrometer (thermostat). More info here. Near-infrared