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MonoVista CRS³ is a state-of-the-art confocal Raman and photoluminescence system of the highest performance (throughput, spectral resolution and range), while maintaining maximum user comfort. It also provides simple mounting to various brands of microscopes, macroscopic sample measurement chambers, autosamplers and other third-party equipment (AFM, SEM, cryostats, etc.) and other customer-requested solutions.

  • Range from deep UV to NIR (200 - 2000 nm)
  • Up to four lasers integrated in the system with the possibility of additional input for external lasers
  • Dual laser beam path for different excitations: UV and VIS/NIR
  • Fully automated software control including setting of measurement parameters and automatic adjustment and calibration of the entire assembly
  • High spectral resolution: up to 0,2 cm-1 (e.g. for the 633nm excitation laser)
  • Range from 10 cm-1 thanks to ultra-narrow-band notch filters (spectra measurement in the stokes/anti-stokes region) up to 9,000 cm-1, which is invaluable especially for photoluminescence measurements
  • Vysoké prostorové rozlišení: 1 µm v rovině XY a 2 µm v ose Z (dle použitého laseru a objektivů)
  • Adaptive automatic focus control (AdFoCon)
  • Adaptable for external measurements outside the instrument, including fiber optics
  • Optional enhancements: macroscopic chamber, polarization measurements, temperature-dependent measurements, motorized point-to-point and fast mapping, TERS and AFM mapping, laser safety class I, etc.

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