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MonoVista CRS3 is the third generation of successful Raman and photoluminescent spectrometers for every user.

It is a state-of-the-art system with high spectral resolution and throughput, while offering maximum user comfort.

It can also be connected to a microscope, macro chamber or third party accessories: AFM, SEM, cryostats and others if they are equipped with a suitable port for beam transmission.

  • Range from UV to NIR (200 - 2000 nm)
  • Up to four lasers with additional input for external lasers
  • Dual laser beam path for UV and VIS/NIR
  • Fully automated software control, including setting of measurement parameters and automatic alignment and calibration
  • High spectral resolution (up to 0.2 cm-1 for 633 nm)
  • Range from 10 cm-1 thanks to ultra narrowband notch filters up to 9000-1 cm, which is invaluable especially for photoluminescence measurements
  • High spatial resolution: 1 µm in the XY plane and 2 µm in the Z axis.
  • Adaptable for external measurements
  • Optional enhancements: Raman macro, polarization measurements, temperature-dependent measurements, motorized point-to-point and fast mapping, TERS and AFM maps, laser safety class I

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