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SurveyIR™ microscope


SurveyIR™ microscope

Inserting the SurveyIRaccessory into the sample compartment of the spectrometer allows the acquisition of high quality data in combination with the image documentation of the samples.

SurveyIR: accessory for FT-IR microscopy

Czitek SurveyIR accessories, compatible with all FT-IR spectrometers supplied by Nicolet CZ (including Nicolet iS5 and Nicolet Summit spectrometers), enable a simple and affordable upgrade of classic FT-IR spectroscopy to infrared microscopy.

The resolution of this FTIR microscope is around 100 micrometers and allows a total of three measurement modes to obtain infrared (FT-IR, FT-FAR) spectra.

  • Transmission measurements
  • Reflective measurement
  • microATR measurement (attenuated total reflectance)

Main features of SurveyIR accessories:

  • Very easy portability and the possibility of experiments outside the laboratory
  • The possibility of FT-FAR microscopy in combination with Nicolet iS50! More info here.
  • Three types of sample illumination: transmission, reflection and dark-field (indirect illumination)
  • Easy upgrade to microscopic analysis of large samples (paintings, sculptures, geology, etc.)
  • Diamond ATR view-through adapter, germanium crystal available
  • High resolution camera for optimal documentation of measured samples 5mp CMOS color video camera, 2592 x 1944 resolution
  • Very wide FOV (field of view): 1900 micrometers
  • Purgable with dry air, nitrogen, etc.
  • eSpot™ software for microscopic experiment and camera control

SurveyIR and eSpot are trademarks of Czitek, LLC.

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