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The Nicolet Apex FT-IR spectrometer is developed on the basis of many years of experience in the field of molecular spectroscopy. This device is a combination of top measuring parameters and the simplicity with which it is operated, which does not require extensive knowledge. Whether you need to measure chemical kinetics (e.g. when studying polymers) with a high-speed MCT detector, analyze gas mixtures thanks to best-in-class spectral resolution, or anything else, with the Nicolet Apex spectrometer you will always find the right configuration for your project. Its advantages include, for example:

  • Preselectable range: 7,800 – 350 cm-1 (MIR, KBr), 6,000 - 600 cm-1 (MIR, ZnSe) or 11,000 - 375 cm-1 (NIR and MIR, XT-KBr).
  • Performance and Long Warranty: The LightDrive™ optics system, redesigned in line with today's cutting-edge technologies, comes with a 10-year warranty on the modulator, control laser and infrared source! It thus defines a new minimum for the operating costs of FTIR spectrometers. With a guaranteed signal-to-noise ratio of 50,000:1 (and typical 60,000:1) and a spectral resolution of up to 0.25 cm-1, it enables data measurement to be accelerated by up to 30 %.
  • Patented smart background metering function for even higher speed: up to 50 %!
  • Easily exchange measuring accessories for sampling a wide variety of samples.

Nicolet Apex is powered by the OMNIC Paradigm, a powerful tool that allows you to simplify spectroscopic data analysis, improve visualization and accelerate your discoveries. With its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and seamless integration options, this software allows you to quickly gain valuable insights and easily decide what to do next. In addition, thanks to the OMNIC Anywhere cloud solution, you can work with data from anywhere in real time. The status of the device can also be monitored remotely.

Nicolet Apex FT-IR spectrometer

It thus finds its application in pharmaceutical, material, semiconductor and forensic research, in industrial production, in the academic sphere and in all other areas where it is essential to obtain correct results quickly and reliably.

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