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Custom-made assemblies

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Custom-made assemblies

In addition to spectrometers offered as standard, we can also offer you systems built to order exactly according to your needs and ideas.

Below are just a few of them, including the applications they were built for.

Fluorovista: State-of-the-art fluorescence system at Fraunhofer IMWS/AWZ - Soest, Germany; for research and development of highly efficient LEDs and luminescent materials.
Dual Microscope System at the Physics Department of the University - Leipzig, Germany. MonoVista CRS+ system with parallel, fiber-optically coupled, photoluminescent monochromator; for the simultaneous measurement of Raman and photoluminescence spectra in one moment for the characterization of solids.
MonoVista CRS+ with vibration isolation with Nanonics AFM system - Salzburg, Austria; for the characterization of thin film samples using AFM and Raman spectroscopy.

You can find other custom spectrometers here.

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