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Raman spectroscopy

Nicolet CZ offers a wide range of Raman spectrometers with Fourier transform and dispersed Ramans. Each type differs in its capabilities and the applications for which they are suitable. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable spectrometer for your workplace or develop applications.

Examples of using Raman spectroscopy:
Polymer and biopolymer applications
Food (eg coffee quality, rice, microplastics in bottled drinks / water , control of agricultural products, etc.)
Pharmaceutical applications
Forensic Applications
Mineralogy, authenticity and quality of rare minerals
Nano-applications, nanofibers
PAT, raw material control
Development and optimization of modern batteries (cathodes / anodes)
Packaging, packaging materials

    Custom-made assemblies

    About the spectrometers Applications In addition to spectrometers offered as standard, we can also offer you systems built to order exactly according to your needs and ideas.



    Overview Applications In addition to the standard visual or directly Raman automatic focusing automatically available with all VistaControl software versions (including the fast mapping/imaging function), the Adaptive


    Exemplar modular systems

    About the spectrometers Applications Spectrometers of the Exemplar series are high-performance instruments with a linear CCD detector. Exemplar Plus LS: Spectrometer with an intelligent CCD detector with



    About the spectrometer Applications Other DuoVista is a state-of-the-art system of two monochromators, providing a wide spectral range, excellent imaging quality (DM55 and DM77) and a large



    About the spectrometer Applications Other The TriVista CRS3 is the industry leader in the most advanced Raman and photoluminescence spectrometers. It combines the high resolution and range