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Gas analysis

Infrared gas analysis opens up new possibilities for obtaining accurate and fast qualitative and quantitative information. It is thus used in the analysis of trace impurities in pure gases and at the same time in the analysis of concentrated gas mixtures in industry and the environment (eg flue gas analysis).

MAX-OXT: Thermal Oxidizer

About the spectrometer Applications Accessory MAX-OXT module for automated catalytic removal of some organic substances from the measured gas stream = elimination of noise and spectral interferences.


ASC-10: automatic sampling unit

About the spectrometer Applications Accessory The automatic sampling unit ASC-10 is a system for gas sampling and their dilution, the supply of any zeroing gas or calibration


MAX-iR StarBoost: OE-FT IR Gas Analyzer

About the spectrometer Applications Accessory The MAX-iR FT-IR Gas Analyzer can be supplied together with in combination with Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™ Optical Enhancement technology (optically enhanced FTIR