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MAX-iR StarBoost: OE-FT IR Gas Analyzer

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MAX-iR StarBoost: OE-FT IR Gas Analyzer

The MAX-iR FT-IR Gas Analyzer can be supplied together with in combination with Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™ Optical Enhancement technology (optically enhanced FTIR or OE-FTIR). This FTIR spectrometer optical bench hardware solution allows users to achieve single-digit ppb detection limits for many applications. An example can be the analysis of the purity of commercially supplied gases, where the detection limits can be reduced down to medium units of ppt. The combination of StarBoost technology, MCT detector and software package makes the MAX-iR one of the most sensitive gas analyzers ever produced.

With ultra-fast analysis and ultra-low detection limits, the MAX-iR FTIR gas analyzer equipped with StarBoost technology provides a winning alternative to slower and more expensive traditional techniques such as gas chromatography (GC). In addition to top measurement parameters, the spectrometer also includes the MAX-Acquisition and MAX-Analytics software package for spectrum measurement, data archiving, creation of calibration models, non-stop on-line data measurement, Modbus™ TCP/IP, etc.

This infrared spectroscopy enhancement technology has proven itself in demanding applications such as the measurement of ethylene oxide and formaldehyde at very low concentrations. It provides a new level of on-site, real-time analytics capabilities. It is in regulatory compliance with several regulatory methods, including US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) M320 and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D6348.

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