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Microscopic analysis with a PicoRaman M3 Raman spectrometer

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Microscopic analysis with a PicoRaman M3 Raman spectrometer

PicoRaman M3 is already the third generation of spectrometers from the Finnish company Timegate. Timegate is the first company in the world to offer an integrated system based on the patented Timegated technology, which enables real fluorescence suppression. To make even more use of its unique features, it can also be used in combination with Olympus BX, CX and MX microscopes equipped with a microprobe adapter. This gives you the option of time-resolved Raman microscopy.

Raman spectrometer PicoRaman M3 in combination with an Olympus microscope

Almost any microscopic sample can be analyzed with this accessory. You can observe it using a classic eyepiece or a USB camera, which, among other things, allows you to record videos or take pictures of the sample surface .

This makes the PicoRaman system an extremely powerful analytical tool that finds its application in geosciences, biopharmaceutics, catalysis research, forensic science and many other fields.

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