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PicoRaman M3

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PicoRaman M3

Raman spectrometers from the Finnish company Timegate: the first spectrometers in the world with real fluorescence suppression.

PicoRaman M3 is already the third generation of spectrometers from the Finnish company Timegate. Timegate is the first company in the world to offer an integrated system based on the patented Timegated technology, which enables real fluorescence suppression.

PicoRaman M3 Raman spectrometer

This technology takes advantage of the fact that fluorescence photons are delayed compared to Raman scattering, so it is possible to optimize the time for which the signal is recorded for each sample to obtain a signal with completely or very strongly suppressed fluorescence.

Comparison of conventional Raman spectrum measurement and Timegated measurement: signal recording is terminated so that the Raman signal is maximal and the fluorescence contribution is minimal

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