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Nicolet SUMMIT


Nicolet SUMMIT

Nicolet Summitis a small, easy-to-use, reliable and low-maintenance infrared spectrometer that makes infrared spectroscopy accessible to all users, not just spectroscopic professionals. The high reliability of the individual components of the device makes it almost indestructible and significantly reduces operating costs.

FT-IR spectrometer Nicolet Summit

The main advantages of this unique device are:

  • Half measurement time: The Smart Backgroundfunction automatically measures the background between sample measurements. Therefore, there is no need to measure the background again before every sample.
  • Multicolor LED bar: Indicates the current status of the spectrometer while visualizing the results of sample analysis. It provides a direct signal whether the sample is OK or Not OK according to the set methods.
  • Innovative software: OMNIC Paradigm software, based on automatic workflows, simplifies sample analysis with a few clicks. The device is controlled by a built-in computer with Windows 10 and communication with the operator takes place either via the integrated touch screen or via connected computer peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse). No need for an external computer or laptop. Data analysis can be performed outside the device using the secure cloud program OMNIC Anywhere. You can send logs of analysis results online and share data with colleagues anywhere in the world, anytime and on any device (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.).
  • Intelligent measuring accessories: The design of the spectrometer features a large sample compartment with an open architecture. iD, transmission, Everest ATR and other adapters are available for analysis of different types of samples. After being placed in the sample compartment of the spectrometer, every piece of accessory is detected by the instrument and subsequently the optimal measurement parameters are automatically set by the control program. In addition, a number of other measuring accessories from other manufacturers are compatible with the Nicolet Summit spectrometer.
  • Intensive opportunities for teaching infrared spectroscopy, including materials for teachers and examples. New and simple application for distance learning: Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer Virtual Lab!
  • Dedicated analytical application packages are available! POLYMER KIT, fuels and lubricants, analysis of kidney stones, etc.
  • Performance: The measuring range of 8000 - 350 cm-1 covers the entire Mid-IR area and part of the Near-IR area. Spectral resolution better than 0.6 cm-1 is also sufficient for gas analysis. The further improved Nicolet Summit Pro variant also has a thermoelectrically cooled detector and a variable aperture. Therefore, it achieves even better spectral resolution, higher long-term stability and linearity of measurements and has a spectral noise 14 % lower.
  • LightDrive optical system: The evolution of Nicoletinstrument optics has progressed to a higher stage: The manufacturer guarantees reliable operation and high performance, which is reflected in a ten-year warranty on the interferometer, IR radiation source and control laser.
  • Durability: It has been developed to work flawlessly even in demanding conditions - operations, warehouses, student laboratories, etc. The reliable optics are housed in a robust magnesium alloy housing. Carefully sealed dried optics are well protected against dust, increased humidity and aggressive chemicals. Internal sensors will warn you of excessive internal temperature or humidity. The modulator and other optics are well isolated from external vibrations, electromagnetic interference and even withstand a certain tilt of the device. For extremely humid environments, ZnSe windows can be selected.
  • Portability: Its weight is a maximum of 12.6 kg (even with a touch screen), its floor plan is approximately the same as a laptop. It can therefore be easily transferred between laboratories, classrooms, warehouses, etc.
  • Cloud data analysis: the possibility of connecting to a cloud application where you are able to edit spectra, search in libraries, share data, etc., more information can be found here.

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