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ConservatIR: external reflective accessories


ConservatIR: external reflective accessories

The new ConservatIR-FT-IR External Reflection Accessory enables non-destructive, easy and fast analysis of large objects outside the sample compartment of the FT-IR spectrometer. Analysis of pigments, dyes and other components of cultural heritage objects such as paintings and sculptures in the laboratory and outdoors. The analysis of their authenticity is important in determining the requirements for possible restoration activities. The accessories have been specially created for conservation and restoration activities, however, their usability is much wider (e.g. automotive industry).

Main features of the ConservatIR ™ FTIR External Reflection Accessory accessory:

  • Easy adjustment of the measuring head of the accessory: opto-mechanical holder oriented to objects in front of, above or below the position of the sampling space of the spectrometer
  • Precise visual orientation: the integrated camera enables very precise search of the measuring point on objects, magnification of the image and storage of visual records of the analysis
  • Contact and non-contact possibilities of measuring infrared spectra, ie. more measuring modes on one piece of accessory: specular and diffuse reflection + ATR diamond crystal with a measuring point of 500 micrometers!
  • In combination with Nicolet iS5 spectrometer: very easily portable (PELICASE), measurement outside the laboratory + battery power
  • Spectral range: medium IR to FAR-IR, depending on the installed spectrometer

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