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Testing of mechanical properties


Testing of mechanical properties

The new Modular Force Stage (MFS) is a modular system designed to characterize the main mechanical properties of your samples.

Modular system MFS (Modular Force Stage) for characterization of mechanical properties of samples

Understanding the micro- and thermomechanical properties of materials is becoming increasingly important. New modern materials such as carbon fiber and graphene are becoming a direct choice for top applications, such as bicycle frames, car components, surgical implants, aircraft wings, etc. New materials are being developed that replace or support various parts of the human body, such as artificial corneas. Although these new materials have many unique and exciting properties that allow designers to design and manufacture things that were not previously possible, it is still important to characterize the physical properties of these materials and to have a good understanding of all their failure modes.

Modular Force Stage can be used with direct and/or transmission illumination of samples and other techniques such as Roentgen, Raman microscopy and FT-IR micro-spectroscopy. Its sampling chamber is sealed and can be purged with inert gas during measurements using built-in valves. There are also options for humidity controland inputs for measuring and adjusting electrical properties.

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