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Gel permeation chromatography


Gel permeation chromatography

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is a traditional method for the separation and purification of analytes of various types. It allows the separation of groups of compounds with similar molecular weight (fractionation). It is fast, versatile and easy to automate.

Newly, this method can be combined with transmission FT-IR spectroscopy using a special GPC cell. This cell is compatible with all spectrometers Nicolet CZ.

Cell features:

  • transmission measurement of FT-IR spectra, compatible with any infrared spectrometer from Nicolet CZ
  • Optional cell windows (ZnSe recommended)
  • temperature control up to 220 ° C
  • possibility of experiments with higher pressure (up to 5 MPa)
  • flexible heated (30 inch, 1/16 ″) analyte transfer line, compatible with any GPC device.

Main uses of FT-IR – GPC combination:

  • division and identification of compounds into individual groups, especially suitable for amino acids, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates (according to application)
  • purification of extracts: removal and identification of high molecular weight undesirable substances
  • trace analysis: pesticides and industrial contaminants

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