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OMNIC Anywhere

The OMNIC Anywhere cloud application is now available free of charge for Nicolet FT-IR spectrometers! This application allows customers to store and back up data, share measured spectra and interpret them! OMNIC Anywhere allows access to your data from external devices: mobile phones, tablets, home laptops etc. The application is based on the well-established Thermo Fisher Cloud concept.

Key features of OMNIC Anywhere:

  • Export, view and share data (compatibility with Apple, Android and iOS)
  • Annotation, editing, backup and viewing of spectra
  • Spectral Search function: searching for measured spectra in libraries,
    including the result protocol in pdf format
  • Backup of acquired (not only spectral) data – 10 GB for free!
  • Data export: pdf, png, csv etc.
  • Securityof backed up and shared data
    Thermo Fisher Connect uses theAmazon Web Service ™

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