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DXR3 SmartRaman


DXR3 SmartRaman

Disperzní Ramanův spektrometr Nicolet DXR3 SmartRaman je přístroj určený pro všechny aplikace vyžadující jednoduchost přípravy vzorků a využití všech silných stránek Ramanovy spektroskopie.

It was developed especially for analysts, technicians and scientists who know exactly what information they want, but do not have the time or desire to become a specialist in Raman spectroscopy, and also, of course, for experts looking for better answers in a faster way.

DXR3 SmartRaman Spectrometer – disperzní Ramanův spektrometr

The Nicolet DXR SmartRaman Raman Spectrometer, like the Nicolet DXR3 Microscope Raman Microscope, has a unique spectrograph design that, unlike conventional Raman spectrometers, does not require additional instrument adjustment when changing the excitation laser. All optional components - lasers, gratings and filters - use SmartLock technology for fully reproducible placement and automatic recognition of the connected components.

To achieve maximum quality, reproducibility and wavelength accuracy of the measured Raman spectra, the Nicolet DXR3 SmartRaman Raman spectrometeris equipped with a patented tool for automatic optics adjustment (as well as the Nicolet DXR3 Raman microscope). Nástroj zároveň slouží ke kalibraci vlnových délek na emisní čáry neonové lampy, ke kalibraci laserové frekvence na pásy polystyrenového standardu a ke kalibraci intenzity spektra na standardizovaný zdroj bílého světla. Samozřejmostí je i možnost polarizovaných experimentů.

User-replaceable filters, gratings and lasers

Both devices (DXR3 SmartRaman and DXR3 Microscope) are controlled by user-friendly and time-tested Omnicsoftware. Also, we offer a revolutionary new program for identifying pure substances and mixtures: Omnic Specta.

The accessories for the Nicolet DXR3 SmartRaman Raman spectrometer are very diverse, as the samples come to the laboratory in various states, shapes and packages. It is therefore important to have different types of adapters available to minimize sample preparation before measuring their Raman spectra. In the case of control of input raw materials, or QC analyzes, these adapters allow to avoid sampling (measurements in barrels, bags, bottles, etc.).

The Nicolet DXR3 SmartRamanspectrometer has not only the possibility of five different excitation lasers and the application of automatic polarization, but also a large number of different sampling adapters (including fiber optics). The user preparation of the sample is thus absolutely minimal and the time saved is huge. Individual accessories can be easily and quickly exchanged with each other, the spectrometer identifies the accessories itself and sets the measurement parameters automatically. In the sample space of this spectrometer can be easily applied at least 4 types of so-called "Universal measuring adapters" (pinned-in-place). Each of these measuring adapters can then be easily used depending on the type of sample:

  • Bottle Holder: measurement of Raman spectra of the content of standard glass or polymer (plastic) bottles
  • Tablet Holder: measurement of Raman spectra of tablets of various sizes and shapes
  • Universal Plate: measuring the content of polymer bags, vials, etc.
  • VDPS (Variable dynamic point sampling): a unique attachment for measuring the average spectra of inhomogeneous samples (e.g. tablets)
  • Array autosampler: automation of so-called measurement multi-well samples
The FT-IR spectrometers iS50 can be easily expanded with all the possibilities of Raman spectroscopy, but also microscopy using the new internal FT-Raman module. It is equipped with an excitation laser 1064 nm with software selectable power.

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