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MAX-iR: FT-IR gas analyzer

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MAX-iR: FT-IR gas analyzer

Thanks to its durable and robust construction, the FT-IR gas analyzer MAX-iR is suitable even for the most demanding operations. It is designed for quality and cleanliness control, continuous monitoring of emissions and working atmosphere, gas certification, stationary measurement (e.g. in cement kilns or turbines) or detection of leaks of various gases and their mixtures. With its top parameters, it easily replaces expensive analysis methods such as mass spectroscopy (MS), gas chromatography (GC) or cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS).

Max-IR is equipped with a highly sensitive detector, which - without cooling with liquid nitrogen - will provide you with the highest measurement accuracy, spectral resolution from 1 cm-1 and unrivaled detection limits. The reliability of the device is supported by the use of a diode laser (VCSEL) with a long lifetime and a silicon carbide infrared radiation source. The Max-iR spectrometer does not contain any hygroscopic components, so it does not need to be blown with dry air or nitrogen when using it.

The FT-IR gas analyzer MAX-iR is equipped in the basic set with a long-distance gas cuvette with an optical path of 10 meters, equipped with two-zone temperature measurement (up to 191 °C) and a sensitive pressure sensor. The cuvette windows can be selected according to the application, and its service is easy for the customer thanks to the innovative system of its attachment.

The FT-IR gas analyzer MAX-iR can be supplied together with the patented StarBoost filter to improve detection limits, with a console for automatic sampling, blowing, creating calibrations, etc. ASC-10 and MAX-OXT module for catalytic removal of some organics in gas (formation of gas for background measurement, etc.)

In addition to top measurement parameters, the spectrometer also includes the MAX-Acquisition and MAX-Analytics software package for spectrum measurement, data archiving, creation of calibration models, non-stop on-line data measurement, Modbus™ TCP/IP, etc.

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