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DuoVistaspectrometers provide a wide spectral range, excellent imaging quality (DM55 and DM77) and a large number of possible grating sets, which allow a working range from 180 nm to 75 µm with a spectral resolution of several tens of picometers due to double scattering.

They are equipped with excellent tunable bandpass filters, suitable for maximum efficiency and perfect stray light rejection. With the possibility of tailor-made instruments, this makes the S+I spectrometers an elegant tool for all possible applications of Raman spectroscopy.

DuoVista comes in three different versions:

  • DM33i: base level bandpass filter for medium to high resolution and good stray light rejection
  • DM55i: a top bandpass filter solution with excellent quality monochromators
  • DM77i: best technology and technical processing of dual monochromator systems with ultra-high-end bandpass filter, extremely high resolution and scattered light suppression

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