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The TriVista CRS3 is the industry leader in the most advanced Raman and photoluminescence spectrometers. It combines the high resolution and range capabilities of the DuoVista with the unmatched spectral resolution, throughput, motorization and imaging software capabilities of the MonoVista CR3 systems.

All TriVista CRS3 series spectrometers are based on the highly successful SpectraPro HRS series of spectrometers (Princeton Instruments).

Unlike the previous generation TriVista, the TriVista CRS3 can be operated by users without previous experience in spectroscopy, thanks to the extensive motorization of the instrument and easy handling via VistaControl.

The TriVista spectrometer is available in three different configurations:

  • TR555CRS: triple Czerny-Turner monochromator assembly with 500mm focal length
  • TR557CRS: 2x monochromator with focal distance 500 mm + 1x 750 mm
  • TR777CRS: triple Czerny-Turner monochromator array with 750 mm focal length providing the highest possible resolution and ranges for additive and subtractive spectroscopy

Main parameters of the TriVista CRS3 system

  • Deep UV to NIR
  • High spectral resolution: < 0,1 cm–1 at 633 nm (TR777 in additive mode)
  • Low frequency measurements up to 5 cm–1 or less depending on the sample
  • High frequency range up to 9,000 cm–1 (at 532 nm), great for measuring photoluminescence
  • High spatial resolution: less than 1 µm laterally (in the XY plane) and 2 µm axially (in the Z axis)
  • Operable for an unlimited number of laser wavelengths ranging from DUV to NIR
  • Suitable for tunable laser excitation
  • Easy software switching between "additive" and "subtractive" dispersion mode
  • Simultaneous Stokes/Anti-Stokes measurements
  • Adaptable to external experiments, e.g. XRD and others
  • Optional enhancements:
    • Easy switching between three-table and single-table mode (bypass-enhancement-link)
    • Macro Raman
    • Polarization Raman measurements
    • Temperature dependent experiments
    • Motorized Point-to-Point and fast Raman mapping
    • TERS and AFM-Raman mapping
    • Laser safety class I

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