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Nicolet iS5


Nicolet iS5

Nicolet iS5 = Portability + precise scientific measurement parameters

The Nicolet iS5 FT-IR spectrometer is a small, easy-to-operate, reliable and low-maintenance infrared spectrometer that makes FT-IR spectroscopy accessible to all users, not just spectroscopic professionals. The high reliability of the individual components of the device makes it almost indestructible and significantly reduces the cost of its operation.

Nicolet iS5: portable FT-IR spectrometer

Its weight is only 10 kg, its floor plan is approximately the same as a standard laptop. It can therefore be easily transported by car, transferred between workplaces, laboratories, classrooms, warehouses, etc. The Nicolet iS5 can also be powered by a car or battery without any problems. The device and accessories can be delivered in a special highly durable case with wheels for easy transport. Another advantage of the Nicolet iS5 spectrometer is the possibility of its easy control via Wi-Fi from a remote computer.

Thanks to its absolute resistance to students (student proof system), the Nicolet iS5 can also be used to teach chemistry, both in high school and university. More information on teaching chemistry can be found here.

Nicolet iS5 Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

Intelligent measuring accessories: The design of the spectrometer is characterized (due to the overall size of the spectrometer) by a large sample compartment with an open architecture. Transmission, ATR and other adapters of the iD series are available for the analysis of various types of samples, including gas cuvettes with an optical path of 5 cm to 5 meters. After placing in the sample compartment of the spectrometer, all components are detected by the instrument software and subsequently the optimal measurement parameters are automatically set by the OMNIC program. Also, dedicated analytical packages are available: e.g. POLYMER KIT.Accessories for Nicolet iS5 FT-IR spectrometer

A selection of accessories for the Nicolet iS5

Czitek adapterCzitek Survey IR adapter for Nicolet iS5, portable and laboratory infrared microscopy

Advanced software: The spectrometer is controlled by the intelligent intuitive evaluation program OMNIC, which is very popular among users. Communication with a PC or laptop takes place via a standard USB interface. Of course, there are other programs available for the automation of routine procedures (Macros Basic), for the creation of quantitative or qualitative calibrations (TQ Analyst), for advanced analysis of contaminants and mixtures of substances (OMNIC Specta).

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