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Mattson FT-IR spectrometers

As a part of the integration of Mattson into the structure of ThermoFisher Scientific, which took place several years ago, it was possible to provide worldwide service for Mattson spectrometers. Nicolet CZ s.r.o. currently has two factory-trained service technicians for the Mattson spectrometers. Free application and service support Nicolet CZ s.r.o. is provided without restriction to all existing users of these systems as well as to those who have not upgraded their system to the Omnic spectroscopic program, which is compatible with current versions of MS Windows. Full compatibility with already measured infrared spectra and used spectrum libraries is guaranteed. Development of new versions of WinFirst has been stopped.

By the end of 2010, the delivery of all spare parts for the following models was officially terminated:

  • Mattson Genesis II
  • Mattson Genesis I
  • Mattson Polaris
  • Mattson Galaxy
  • Mattson Quantum microscope
  • Mattson REA analyzer
  • Mattson TGA/IR interface
  • Mattson GC/IR interface

There are several options for users of these models:

  1. Take advantage of discount programs for modern Nicolet spectrometers when returning an older Mattson system. This applies to all Mattson models.
  2. Take advantage of our occasional offers for used, fully service-secured spectrometers. Contact us for more information!

We are aware of the inconvenience that this measure may cause you. However, we believe that together we will be able to find a suitable solution for your workplace.

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