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Continuum microscope


Continuum microscope

The Nicolet Continuμminfrared microscope is a top, device tested by many demanding applications, and allows the use of a number of measuring techniques. It is easy to use and allows the implementation of many different measuring techniques.

Nicolet Continuum FT-IR microscope

Connection of the Continuum microscope and the Nicolet iS50 FT-IR spectrometer

Continuum infrared microscope in conjunction with Nicolet S50 spectrometer

The design of the Continuμmmicroscope represents a significant improvement over previous infrared microscopes. Additional, newly patented technologies are added to the proven on-axis optic design with Targetingand the patented pre and post sample masking method.

The infinity-corrected optics of the Continuμmmicroscope together with the unique illumination of the sample offer exceptional image quality. With Tru-View technology, the illumination of a microscopic sample is much faster, easier and more efficient, as there is no need to switch between "show sample" and "measure spectrum" modes. The microscope design enables pre and post sample masking being performed by a single motorized ReFlexaperture. This makes this operation much easier and more accurate, and can also be performed completely automatically. The system works with one or two detectors, which allows the selection of the optimal spectral range. The patented design of the stainless steel Dewars for cooling the detectors prevents freezing and ensures the storage of liquid nitrogen for eighteen hours.

The design of the Continuμminfrared microscope offers a number of configurations from a basic to a fully automated system. The capabilities of the instrument can thus be changed according to the current need for sample analysis. Eyepiece, filters, polarizers, rotating eyepiece lens head, lenses, micro ATR adapters, microscopic stage, condenser, detector and automation features are fully upgradable to a higher level. The latest versions of μ-View video imaging software for automatic measurement (map, lines, individual points) Atlμsand the well proven Omnic software provide a convenient and automated user interface with graphical control of all system features including preview, aperture, focus, measurement, data processing and their display.

Continuum microscope in conjunction with a Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer

Continuum infrared microscope in conjunction with Nicolet iS10 spectrometer

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