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Gas cell


Gas cell

For specialized experiments, a gas (flow) cell is available for measuring the Raman spectra of gases with very high resolution, even at high pressures.

With a very high accuracy, it is possible to identify and quantify gases using this technique, which, for fundamental reasons, do not manifest themselves in the infrared spectra of gases: nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. In the Raman spectra of gases, most molecules are further identifiabla based on their rotational-vibrational transitions (sulfane, water, ammonia, carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, etc.).

Raman spectroscopy of gases thus offers a unique opportunity to determine a wide range of gases online, at high pressures or temperatures, and including nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen content (and the differentiation of ortho and para hydrogen!).

The cell is portable, equipped with a thermometer and pressure gauge. The choice of cell windows depends on the application and the chosen Raman spectrometer.

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