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Fiber optics and probes

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Fiber optics and probes

For any FT-NIR spectrometer that we offer it is possible to measure NIR spectra outside the spectrometer using fiber optics. The most common is the use of a “pistol” type probe in combination with the Antaris II spectrometer (measurements in barrels, bags, beakers outside the spectrometer, autosamplers, etc.).

The type of fiber optics and especially the measuring probe is directly dependent on the application; the length of the fibers can be up to tens of meters. The probes can be flange mounted directly in the pipes or in reaction vessels for on-line analysis, etc. For specialized applications (eg for explosive environments, extremely dusty environments, etc.) we have prepared a top, industry-dedicated NIR spectrometer Antaris MX.

Fiber optics for the Nicolet DXR3 Raman microscope

We are able to design and prepare a solution for your application.

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