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TraCis a miniature handheld spectrometer for measuring trace chemical contaminants on surfaces, especially focused on the validation of cleaning and process control in the production of food or pharmaceutical products.

The TraC sensor has a ppb detection limit for a number of chemical and biological materials on surfaces and also for small concentrations of chemical and microbial materials in liquids. It also has a large depth of field. It is equipped with a microprocessor for controlling all sensor functions and processing all spectral data for determining the concentrations of substances on surfaces at ppb detection limits in less than one second.

In the case of pharmaceutical purification validation, you immediately see raw data that can be used for legislative processes.

TraC weighs less than 1 kg and can run for more than 24 hours on an internal battery without recharging. It can also be equipped with accessories for liquid sampling, flow cells or windows for direct view of the mixing or growth chambers of the bioreactor, verification of the cleanliness of various spaces and for inspection of products or production surfaces. TraC is compatible with the Photon Systems ChemCal XY: printing, mapping and calibration system described herein.

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