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Mini PL 110


Mini PL 110

Spectrometer for measurements in the far UV range (Deep Ultra Violet: DUV) Mini PL 110 is an ideal system when it comes to compactness and especially the performance/price ratio.

Measurement of photoluminescence spectra (PL spectra) is one of the basic characterization methods of quality analysis of various materials (especially semiconductors). The main application of Mini PL 110 is the production/QC of semiconductors (wafer analysis) ZnO, GaN, AlGaN, SiC etc. Using this technique, it is possible to obtain e.g. information on alloy composition, bandgap and edge effects, semiconductor dopants, etc. The possibility of simultaneous measurement of UV resonant Raman spectra also allows better characterization of the measured materials.

Description and possibilities of the Mini PL 110 system:

  • Spectrometer operating at room temperature: PL and Raman spectra (SERS measurement is also possible).
  • Measurement of samples up to the size of 50 mm in the basic set.
  • Excitation 5.5 eV (224 nm, HeAg laser), or 5.0 eV (248.6 nm, NeCu laser).
  • Monochromator: 1/8 M Czerny-Turner (f/3.9), 2 grid positions, software controlled.
  • The system allows good portability: Pelican case suitcases for transport.
  • Spectrometer size 15 x 18 x 36 cm, weight approx. 8 kg (depending on the configuration).
  • Possibility of high resolution (up to 0.2 nm).
  • Software controlled grid selection and system calibration.
  • Grid 1200 g/mm (300 nm peak), 3600 g/mm grid (250 nm peak), etc.
  • Labview software, software control of laser, spectrograph, detector, editing of acquired spectra, conversion to other formats, etc.
  • Manual X-Y-Z table or motorized mapping table (e.g. 50 x 50 mm).
  • Liquid nitrogen sample cooling available (cooling stage). For semiconductor materials, sample cooling allows direct calculation of quantum efficiency and precise defect analysis

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