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ChemCal chemical printer


ChemCal chemical printer

ChemCal is a chemical printer, a device with two functions. The first function is to generate precisely known concentrations of one or more chemical compounds on smooth and irregular surfaces ("chemical maps"). The second function of ChemCal is the calibration of the TraC trace chemical detector for a wide range of chemicals and their concentrations: ChemCal enables the automatic generation of calibration curves. It can also process up to 20 different substances that can be applied to smooth and irregular surfaces in various patterns (e.g. nanodroplets), which are interlaced or overlapped to suit the application. Like this, it is also possible to apply various microbial dispersions.

In addition, ChemCal can handle a wide range of fluid viscosities and surface tension. The advantage of this printer over other methods is that ChemCal can store highly accurate concentrations of materials in uniform and non-uniform concentrations or gradients to simulate situations in which trace contamination detectors are used.

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