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    Temperature cells and tables

    Selection of LINKAM Scientific Instruments products: Temperature Controlled Stages Temperature Programmer Software Imaging Station Humidity Controller Liquid Nitrogen Pump


    Deep UV Lasers

    Photon Systems’ series of DUV (deep UV) lasers offers excitation wavelengths of 224.3 nm and 248.6 nm at a fraction of the price of the other companies


    Gas cell

    With a very high accuracy, it is possible to identify and quantify gases using this technique, which, for fundamental reasons, do not manifest themselves in the infrared


    Microscopic tables

    Tables for special applications (heated, cooled, high-pressure, with a controlled atmosphere, etc.) are also available. ProScan automatic microscope stage (shift accuracy = 0.1 micron) Linkam FTIR 600



    SERS: Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering. We offer a wide range of accessories (packages) for preparing and measuring your samples using SERS technology (micropipettes, colloidal suspensions with different particle