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RaptIR FT-IR microspectrometer

RaptIR FT-IR microspectrometer


New in 2022!

Nicolet RaptIR FT-IR microscope.

… Sharp sight…

… Precise aiming…

… Fast action…

The predator soul in the body of the spectrometer is the result of a great development and designer team.

It will aim at a point on the sample, throw itself at it and bring you the captured data in the form of a protocol with unprecedented speed.

The RaptIR FT-IR microscope is designed to meet the demanding requirements of accuracy and versatility of analytical instruments. It is super fast, offers extreme sensitivity and is equipped with the latest technologies. It will help you get results that you can respond to quickly and make your research or production even more efficient. Thanks to the long working distance and the load capacity of the table up to 5 kg, it is suitable for a wide range of samples: from microparticles and microcontamination, through microfibers and paint fragments to larger objects. It will withstand even the busiest laboratories and will successfully handle all legislative requirements in audited laboratories. You can focus on all the specifics of the sample, which will help you reveal its often complex nature. This microscope with top measuring parameters is suitable not only for research laboratories, but also for industrial plants. It finds its use in pharmacy, environmental studies, forensic analyzes, restorationand study of cultural heritage, research of polymers or materials and in other fields.

With real 5µ IR spatial resolution (no software tricks!) it will easily become an irreplaceable part of your laboratory. In addition, you get great photos of the sample from the optical camera: as seen by the eye of a predator.

However, the work of an analyst does not end with the quickly obtained spectral data and it is also necessary to interpret them, and this is exactly what the new intuitive Omnic Paradigm software will help you with, so you will understand even complex samples more easily.

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