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The integrated rescue service and the government security agency must be able to detect smaller and smaller concentrations of chemical, biological and explosive materials in water, in the air or on the surfaces of various materials in the field. The manual PL/Raman system STANDOFF 200 offers a unique solution.

Methods of sample excitation using UV lasers (“deep” deep UV) such as Raman spectroscopy, resonant Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence have in the past proved to be very powerful tools for analysis of samples with weak Raman signal or strong fluorescence and also samples in small concentrations. Unfortunately, its use was only possible for large laboratory spectrometers equipped with relatively expensive excitation sources and detectors. Unlike similar techniques, Deep UV Raman/PL spectroscopy is not affected by solar radiation and has very high sensitivity and limit of detection. The transfer of this technique to the field as a hand-held instrument was therefore a logical step, which resulted in the new STANDOFF 200 hand-held spectrometer.

The STANDOFF 200 analyzer is the first and only fully integrated instrument for measuring and analyzing Raman and fluorescence spectra simultaneously in real time with excitation in the UV region. Now you can identify a wide range of unknown chemical, biological, but also potentially explosive materials on surfaces at distances from 1 meter to 5 meters!

Selection of STANDOFF 200 applications:

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