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RaptIR+, now with replaceable detector

RaptIR+, now with replaceable detector


In analytical laboratories where productivity is measured in microns and minutes, you can rely on Nicolet RaptIR or RaptIR+ FT-IR microscopes. They help you quickly locate and identify trace materials, inclusions, impurities, microparticles and determine the distribution of materials in a sample with incredible clarity and precision, like real predators. You will get answers quickly and reliably, regardless of your field or application.

RaptIR+ expands on its predecessor and adds the option of user-replaceable detectors that offer extended operation or operation without liquid nitrogen: you can choose from an MCT-A, MCT-B or InGaAs detector. In addition, it is now possible to operate it with the iS20 FT-IR spectrometer and the iS50 FT-IR spectrometer can now be connected from both sides.

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