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Beer analysis: from malt to glass

Beer analysis: from malt to glass


Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in our region. It is considered to be one of the Czech symbols, and since 2008 the name České pivo has even been protected as a geographical indication. Its production involves a number of steps, and with the demands on quality, the need for reliable and fast analysis of the beverage itself as well as intermediate products and raw materials goes hand in hand.

One of the most elegant methods of analysis is undoubtedly the methods of molecular spectroscopy, especially FT-IR and FT-NIR spectroscopy: near and middle infrared spectroscopy. These measurements are fast, reliable, automated, contactless and there is no need to modify the sample in any way.

You will get the result of the analysis within a few tens of seconds, not only in the laboratory, but also directly in the plant or warehouse.

If you are already our customers and want to deepen your knowledge in the field of molecular spectroscopy, we will be happy to see you at our traditional meeting Molecular Spectroscopy 2022.

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