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Protein analysis

Protein analysis by methods of molecular spectroscopy

Proteins are the cornerstones of all life on Earth. They can take an unimaginable number of shapes and perform a wide range of functions, from the transcription of DNA in the nucleus to the destruction of foreign objects in the cell. Using vibrational spectroscopy, we can monitor the conformation of proteins and enzymes, their changes or the kinetics of enzymatic reactions. Unlike other methods, it is usually not necessary to modify the sample in any way to measure vibrational spectra, so the molecules can be monitored in their natural environment.

Thanks to specialized accessories (tempered transmission cuvettes) and dedicated software (protein interpretation and analysis, database of known protein structures, deconvolution, prediction of secondary structures, automated buffer subtracting etc.), all FT-IR spectrometers we offer can be modified in order to make these measurements even easier: to better understand the fascinating world of proteins and enzymes.

Tip of FT-IR SNOM spectrometerAnother option is to use Neaspec's highly scientific spectrometers to analyze the secondary structure of individual protein complexes using nano-FTIR spectrometers that combine near-field microscopy (s-SNOM) technology and FT-IR spectroscopy. This technology can analyze proteins with a spatial resolution of less than 30 nanometers.

The Nicolet DXR3 Dispersi Raman Microscope is an instrument designed for applications requiring high spatial resolution, ease of sample preparation, and the use of the strongpoints of Raman microscopy.
The user-proven DXR Raman microscope is now available in the new version of the DXR3xi with a high-performance EMCCD detector and a microscopic table with the possibility of nanoslift for super fast Chemical Imaging of your samples.
Nicolet iS5 = Portability + precise scientific measurement parameters The Nicolet iS5 FT-IR spectrometer is a small, easy-to-operate, reliable and low-maintenance infrared spectrometer that makes FT-IR spectroscopy accessible to all users, not just spectroscopic professionals. The high reliability of the individual components of the device makes it almost indestructible and significantly reduces the cost of its operation.
In the last decade, thousands and thousands of users have set the Nicolet iS10 FTIR spectrometer as the new, high standard for laboratory infrared spectrometers. Now its successor, the Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer, is raising the innovative bar to the next level!
The Nicolet iS50is the first scientific one-touch FT-IR spectrometer. Based on extensive experience with previous successful Magna, Nexus and Nicolet X700 scientific systems, a new FT-IR spectrometer has been developed which, thanks to a wide range of measuring accessories and interconnected analytical software, delivers a universal material analysis system with unrivaled ease of use.
SNOM (near field scanning optical microscopy or NSOM) is a microscopic technique that exceeds the resolution limit due to the properties of attenuated waves. The distance between the detector and the sample is less than the wavelength of light when measured, and this is used in optical microscopy, among other things, for its ability to increase the contrast of nanoparticles.

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