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Flatlands Conference 2023

Flatlands Conference 2023


The Flatlands Conference is a regular meeting that allows scientists to engage in interesting discussions and share their latest findings in the field of two-dimensional materials, not just graphene. This includes advances in synthesis, characterization and theoretical modeling and applications in electronics, energy storage, catalysis and optoelectronics. First, this meeting was held in Bremen, Germany (2013) and then in Dublin, Ireland (2014), Ramat Gan, Israel (2015), Bled, Slovenia (2016), Lausanne, Switzerland (2017), Leipzig, Germany (2018) , in Toulouse, France (2019), online (2021) and in Lanzarote, Spain (2022).

We will also be happy to welcome you to our booth, where we will have information for you, among other things, about the unique SNOM system NeaScope, and where our colleague from Attocube will be waiting for you, very happy to answer any questions you may have about near-field scanning optical microscopy (SNOM technology).

This conference will be held in Prague on 25th – 29. of September 2023.

We look forward to see you!

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