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Webinar: Advances in Drug Development

Webinar: Advances in Drug Development

Drug devel sympo

Dear customers!

We would like to invite you to an interesting online symposium: Advances in Drug Development and Formulation. News in the field of drug development and possibilities for using molecular spectroscopy methods in this area await you.

The event will take place on 14 September, 16:00 – 18:45 and September 15, 16:00 – 17:45. The special guest of the webinar this time will be Dr. Saurabh Mishra of SE Tylose Inc.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Hot-melt extrusion for OSD and implants
  • Twin screw granulation and continuous production
  • Use of PAT for process monitoring and quality assurance
  • Raman microscopy for diagnosis and verification of the final product
  • UV-Visible spectroscopy for quality control and adherence to pharmacopoeial standards


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