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The first year of the Autumn archaeometry school

The first year of the Autumn archaeometry school


We would like to invite you to look forward to better times in this not very optimistic time: Palacký University in Olomouc organizes on 9. the 8th till 10th of September 2021 the first year of autumn school of archaeometry. It is an interdisciplinary meeting of scientists dealing with various disciplines in the work with archaeological finds.

You can enjoy not only a programfull of interesting lectures, but also a number of workshops, a social evening and the pleasant atmosphere of autumn Olomouc. You can registeruntil the 31st of May 2021.

Nowadays, the cooperation across various fields is essential to obtain a comprehensive range of information. In the case where there is a connection of humanities and natural sciences, the so-called information noise may occur and people do not understand each other. Simply put – we each have our style of expression, which is influenced by our field.

For this reason, we decided to organize the first year of the Autumn archaeometry school, which should primarily serve for mutual education, understanding why one person does things this way and another does it differently, and with what interventions I can damage/contaminate the object for further analysis. Last but not least, this “school” should be used to meet each other in order to solve current scientific problems in this field of research.

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