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Spectroscopy week

Spectroscopy week

Týden spektroskopie

Dear customers! We would like to invite you to the Spectroscopy Week, which will take place on the 24th – 27. of May. During a few days, you can meet a number of experts who will guide you not only to the theory of spectroscopic methods, but also to their practical application.

  • May 24: Forensic sciences (analysis of drugs, gunpowder residues, hazardous chemicals …)
  • May 25: Polymers(quality control, connection of TGA and IR, recycling …)
  • May 26: Beverages and food (analysis of meat product alternatives, packaging microscopy, monitoring of beer and wine production …)
  • May 27: Pharmaceutical industry (analysis of polymorphs, organelles, process optimization for hot extrusion injection …)

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