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Characterization of amorphous and crystalline silicon

Silicon deposited on glass or silicon carbide is widely used in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells. The ratio and distribution of amorphous and crystalline silicon are absolutely crucial for their efficiency, and therefore it is also necessary to have a reliable method for their analysis.

The ideal technique for this type of measurement is Raman spectroscopy, as crystalline and amorphous silicon have very easily distinguishable spectra at first glance, so its use is quite straightforward. In addition, quantitative measurements can be performed using Lamert-Beer's law. However, since there is a risk that amorphous silicon will be transformed into crystalline silicon if excessive laser power is used, its power must be regulated: the Nicolet DXR3 Raman microscope, whose laser can be easily adjusted to the desired value, can be used to do this.

Spectral bands characteristic for crystalline and amorphous silicon

In addition to spot measurement of individual spectra, the Nicolet DXR3 and DXR3ximicroscopes offer the possibility of chemical mapping, which allows you to analyze the distribution of individual components of the sample. Thus you can get not only information about their distribution, but also about their quantitative representation.

Thirty-micron map across the sample showing a sudden change in the shape of the silicon: the red dot represents the region of the crystalline form, with red representing the maximum intensity, while blue the lowest
2D map of silicon deposited on a glass surface; the color scale shows the representation of the individual components

The Nicolet DXR3 Dispersi Raman Microscope is an instrument designed for applications requiring high spatial resolution, ease of sample preparation, and the use of the strongpoints of Raman microscopy.
The user-proven DXR Raman microscope is now available in the new version of the DXR3xi with a high-performance EMCCD detector and a microscopic table with the possibility of nanoslift for super fast Chemical Imaging of your samples.
A unique, specially developed system for the analysis of silicon components. Complete automation is of course possible!

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