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Analysis of secondary structure of amyloid fibers

Using microscopes of the neaSCOPE series, it is possible to observe details of the secondary structure of individual amyloid fibers with 10nm spatial resolution.

Structure analysis of individual amyloid fibers: AFM image and reflectance measurement

Thanks to the measured nano-FTIR spectra, you can reliably distinguish β-amyloid fiber with a predominant β-sheet or α-helix with the help of a band characteristic of amide I. Monitoring the formation of β-sheets at the nanoscale is essential for research into diseases such as mad cow disease or Alzheimer's disease, and also for the development of new drugs.

Study of secondary structure of proteins using amide band I

You can find out more about this and other applications here.

IR-neaSCOPE is the basic model for infrared imaging and nano-spectroscopy. It provides maximum performance without damaging the sample. This is a cost-effective solution for samples with a high coefficient of thermal expansion.
IR-neaSCOPE+fs is designed for pump-probe spectroscopy with 10fs temporal and 10nm spatial resolution: it enables ultra-fast nanoscale science.
IR-neaSCOPE+s enables IR imaging and nano-FTIR spectroscopy by detecting radiation reflected from a standard AFM tip. It is a universal solution for all types of materials. It measures both absorbed and reflected radiation simultaneously and uses the fastest and most reliable modules for nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy.
IR-neaSCOPE+TERs is a revolution in nano-spectroscopy thanks to a combination of nano-FTIR and Raman spectroscopy techniques, providing complete spectral analysis.

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