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Tablet mapping

In the pharmaceutical industry, information on the homogeneity and chemical properties of individual drug components is absolutely essential, not only for quality control, but also for development and optimization of production processes.

Dispersive Raman spectroscopy has many applications in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to the vast amount of information it provides about the measured sample. It can be used to analyze aromatic compounds, double and triple bonds, organometallic molecules and many other substances. This method can also be used to analyze their physical properties, such as the crystalline form in which they are present. In addition, Raman spectroscopy is less sensitive to molecules with a large dipole moment, and so substances dissolved in water or those containing water can be measured directly without any modification.

Chemical mapping

Sometimes it is not enough to simply identify the substance, but it is also necessary to find out its distribution in the manufactured tablet. This is important, among other reasons, for determining the effectiveness of homogenization during production, determining the probability of agglomerates and monitoring the migration of individual components during tablet aging.

The DXR3xi Raman microscope is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the microworld: quickly and reliably. This is achieved thanks to the OMNICxi software and a state-of-the-art high-speed microscope stage, which is synchronized with a highly sensitive EMCCD detector. And thanks to the top measuring parameters, you can map the surface of one tablet in just a few tens of minutes.

The Nicolet DXR3 Dispersi Raman Microscope is an instrument designed for applications requiring high spatial resolution, ease of sample preparation, and the use of the strongpoints of Raman microscopy.
The user-proven DXR Raman microscope is now available in the new version of the DXR3xi with a high-performance EMCCD detector and a microscopic table with the possibility of nanoslift for super fast Chemical Imaging of your samples.

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