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Structure and chemical composition of human bones in nanoscale

Thanks to the AFM-IR+ tapping mode (Neaspec) and the low light intensities used, sensitive non-destructive nano-imaging and nano-FTIR spectroscopy can be performed. Regardless of the thickness and chemical composition of the sample, it provides the highest possible sensitivity, even for resolutions below 10 nm.

Apatite nanocrystals in bone tissue

The high-resolution IR nanoscopy together with the topographic image obtained by AFM shows the distribution of calcium phosphate and collagen at the nanoscale in the cross-section of the bone lamella of the hip joint. Imaging using different wavelengths maps the distribution of different minerals, revealing a range of important information about structural integrity, including demineralization processes, which is essential e.g. for the study of osteoporosis. You can learn more (not only) about this application here.

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