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PTRam: New process Raman spectrometer

PTRam: New process Raman spectrometer


PTRamis a new 19″ rack Raman analyzer from B&WTek. It is designed for the development of products and processes in the laboratory or in the factory. It is equipped with a laser with an excitation wavelength of 785 nm with a power of 340 mW on the sample (at full power). The laser is software adjustable in 1% steps. The spectrometer has a spectral range of 150 – 2800 cm–1 with a resolution of < 6.0 cm–1 at 912 nm.

It comes with laboratory optical probe, polystyrene validation standard (ASTM) and Vision program. This software is designed for data measurement and method development; it also triggers autocalibration and monitors the system to ensure proper data measurement. The spectrometer can also be controlled using the BWSpec program, which allows complete measurement control, continuous measurement, provides data processing tools and viewing them.

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