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picoSpin NMR spectrometers

picoSpin NMR spectrometers


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR spectroscopy) is a physicochemical method using the interaction of atomic nuclei with a non-zero nuclear spin (e.g. 13C or 1H) with a magnetic field. It examines the distribution of nuclear spin energies in a magnetic field and the transitions between individual spin states caused by radiofrequency radiation.

NMR spectroscopy can be used to determine the composition and structure of the molecules of the test substance and their amount. Modern methods of NMR spectroscopy can also determine the spatial structure of smaller proteins up to 25 kDa. It is suitable wherever it is necessary to describe the structure and dynamics of molecules and macromolecules: in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical or materials research.

Compared to complex NMR arrays, the picoSpin 45 and 80 NMR spectrometers are affordable and easy to operate, so they are also ideal as teaching tools. They are equipped with permanent 2T magnets, so they do not require any cryogenic liquids (liquid nitrogen or helium), and are easily portable, but also offer high resolution and sensitivity.

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