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Nicolet Apex FT-IR spectrometer and MarqMetrix Raman spectrometer

Nicolet Apex FT-IR spectrometer and MarqMetrix Raman spectrometer

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We present to you two news this year. Two spectrometers have been added to the portfolio of our instruments, namely the Nicolet Apex FT-IR spectrometer and the MarqMetrix All-In-One Raman spectrometer.

The MarqMetrix® AIl-In-One (AIO) Portable Process Raman Spectrometer is a great affordable tool for quality assurance, product development and research. With the AIO, you can perform non-destructive and rapid analysis in real time without the need for sample preparation.

The Nicolet Apex FT-IR spectrometer is developed on the basis of many years of experience in the field of molecular spectroscopy. This device is a combination of top measuring parameters and the simplicity with which it is operated, which does not require extensive knowledge. Whether you need to measure chemical kinetics (e.g. when studying polymers) with a high-speed MCT detector, analyze gas mixtures thanks to best-in-class spectral resolution, or anything else, with the Nicolet Apex spectrometer you will always find the right configuration for your project. Its advantages include, for example:

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