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Infrared spectroscopy for measuring smoke toxicity

Infrared spectroscopy for measuring smoke toxicity


Fire science is a scientific field that sets safety standards and criteria for the composition of various materials in terms of their behavior in the event of a fire. It deals with the analysis of their mechanical and chemical properties under precisely defined conditions using special smoke chambers or conical calorimeters, in which the combustion parameters can be precisely controlled. One of the fundamental aspects of fire science is the study of thetoxicity of smoke, which arises during fires. Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions have traditionally been used as a key indicator, but other gaseous components of smoke are now being comprehensively monitored as well. Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) is an ideal and modern online technique for gas analysis in the study of the combustion of various materials. New European regulations for railways and transport now directly require the testing of materials by FT-IR for their potential to produce various toxic or corrosive gases and particularly dangerous acids (HCl, HBr, HCN and HF) during combustion.

Nicolet CZ offers a complete package of solutions for the FT-IR application, which meets the requirements ofEN 45545-2 certification.

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